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Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home and your loved ones are protected with a complete security system. Our security systems include total control over all gates, doors, driveway  and room access. We can install remote video and audio monitoring systems with  discreet  cameras that let you see who is at the door, in the driveway, pool or in the backyard.  You have full access to view your home while away through your computer or smart phone.

We can also assist you with Home Alarm systems and Surveillance cameras throughout your home. You can see who is at the front door, gate or see what is going on at the pool. You can monitor the cameras from inside your home or from your smart phone wherever you may be. We are the San Diego Surveillance camera experts and carry the best brands.

Video Surveillance Systems

We offer a large range of video surveillance systems, from simple cameras to long range infrared night vision cameras and DVR’s that can record all video images in real time, day or night. If you are interested in a surveillance or security camera system in San Diego give us a call.


MOBOTIX has been producing megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.

Why High-Resolution Systems?

The higher the resolution, the more accurate the detail in the image. With analog technology, a recorded image generally has no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF). One single MOBOTIX camera with 3.1 megapixels records around 30 times more detail. As a result, larger image areas with up to 360° allround views are possible, thus reducing the number of cameras, and therefore the costs. For example, four lanes of a gas station can be recorded with one MOBOTIX camera instead of four conventional cameras.

Photo by MOBOTIX camera with license plate recognition

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Disadvantages Of The Old Centralized Standard Solution

Usually, cameras only supply the images while the processing and recording is done later on a central PC using expensive video management software. This traditional centralized structure has many limitations, since it requires high network bandwidth and the PC processing power is not enough for several cameras. An HDTV MPEG4 film already puts considerable strain on a PC, so how can it be expected to process dozens of high-resolution live cameras? Traditional centralized systems are therefore less suitable and unprofitable when compared with high-resolution systems due to the high number of PCs needed.

MOBOTIX Camera Concept

The Decentralized MOBOTIX Concept

Unlike other systems, with the decentralized MOBOTIX concept, a high-speed computer and if necessary, digitallong-term memory (MicroSD Card) is built into every camera, providing several days of recording time. The PC and the video control center now serve only for viewing and controlling the cameras (PTZ), not for analysis or recording. This makes it unnecessary to purchase expensive video management software, as the most important and computer-intensive functions are already integrated in the MOBOTIX cameras.

The Benefits

MOBOTIX video solutions therefore require significantly:

  • fewer cameras due to the more accurate detail of wide-angle images with megapixel technology,
  • fewer storage devices, because in the decentralized system, 10 times the standard number of cameras can simultaneously store high-resolution HDTV video with sound on one PC/server.
  • lower network bandwidth, because everything is processed in the camera itself and the high-resolution images therefore do not have to be constantly transferred for analysis.
Robust And Low-Maintenance

MOBOTIX cameras do not require any lens or positioning motors. Without any moving parts, they are so robust that maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The unique temperature range from -30° to +60°C (-22° to +140°F) is achieved without heating or fan at only 3 watts power consumption. Since no PC hard disk is required for recording, there are no parts that wear out in the entire video system.

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